Plastic Laundry Bags

Non-toxic PVA Natural Water Soluble plastic Laundry Bags

Non-toxic PVA Natural Water Soluble plastic Laundry Bags

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Non-toxic PVA Natural Water Soluble plastic Laundry Bags

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Plastic laundry bags detailed product description:

  • Plastic laundry bags material: PVA 100% biodegradable
  • Type of plastic laundry bags: top drawstring;
  • Plastic laundry bags use: hotel,hospital, ect;
  • Specialty: Dissolvable in cold and hot water;
  • Thickness: 25micron, or customer requests
  • Guaranty: ISO9001-2008 quality control and SGS report.


Plastic laundry bags specifications:


Standard sizes:


660mm ×840mm  (26"*33"*1mil)(thickness: 25 micron )

710mm ×990mm (28"*39"*1mil)(thickness: 25 micron )

914mm ×990mm (36"*39"*1mil)(thickness: 25 micron )


Type of temp.:


Type C: dissolving temp.: above 15~25 degree Celsius,

Type M: dissolving temp.: above 45 degree Celsius,

Type H: dissolving temp.: above 65~85 degree Celsius,

Colour:Natural, red, blue and yellow.


Plastic laundry bags benefits:


1. Avoid contaminated medical waste to be generated as the disposal bags completely dissolve in water (water temperature adjustable), eliminating the traditional treatment by incineration or burying, and reducing the relevant treatment costs;
2. Water soluble laundry bag is effective in isolation of contaminated articles. The bags are kept sealed during the whole process from used textile collection, disinfection and washing. These greatly reduce the risk of contamination and cross-infection among the staff in hospital;
3. The application of water soluble laundry bags improve and simplify the working environment by reducing the process packages opening for classification and transferring into washing machines, reducing the labor cost and the risk hurting by the sharps articles which may be left in the textiles, conducive to health care of the operators In addition, the risk of huge compensation for cross-infections will be reduced greatly caused by the;
4. The application of water soluble laundry bags reduces the cost of operators protection and anti-infection, and their insurance expenses.
5. The new biodegradable material, water soluble laundry bag, do not cause environmental and water pollution as it is non-toxic and fully biodegradable.
PVA 100% Water soluble Laundry bag for Hotel / Hospital
1. Expel as much excess air as possible before closing bag. Avoid expelling the excess air to face. Reduction of trapped air content makes the closed bag a stronger and smaller unit for transshipment.
2. A colored neck tie is provided with every bag. Use it to close the bag.
3. Caution: Do not knot the bag film too many times as this will inhibit the solubility of the film during laundering.
4. The closed water soluble laundry bag should be placed within another outer bag (sack or PE bag) during the transfer. This reduces the chance of secondary contamination.


  1. The closed water soluble bag should be placed in the wash wheel or tunnel. Pre-sorting is contraindicated because the soiled linen is assumed to be contaminated.
   2. During the initial cold flush cycle, whatever cold water soluble or hot water soluble type, the bag will open automatically and begin to disintegrate, allowing contact with the linen by the wash water.
  3. For complete liquefaction of the film we urge the following:
A. Do not overload the washer beyond its rated capacity.
B. Be sure the water temperature reaches the recommended dissolving temperatures during the wash cycle
C. The water should have been swirling around the bag linens for 40 seconds before the wash chemicals (detergent, alkali, etc.) are injected. The entire washing process lasts for at least 20 minutes.

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